Grineva Irina Anatolyevna was born on February 6th in Kazan-city. She has graduated in The Yaroslavl state theatrical institute, the expressive plastics Class of Gennadiy Abramov in the dramatic art School of Anatoliy Vasiliyev then. Her first role at theatre was a role of Maga in a Vladimir Ageev's perfomance "Classics game" of J.Cortasar. She won The Best Debute award at the V. Visotskiy festival in this year.
She is in a troupe of Moscow theatre of a name of K.S.Stanislavsky since 1998 year.
Professional skills: dancing, singing, fencing, ballet, modernist style, swimming.
1993 the premium in a nomination "the Best debut " at the V.Vysotsky festival, for a leaging role in the "Classics Game" performance
2002 the winner of XI festival of cinema of the CIS and Baltics countries "Film-shock"
The prize "Divine Camey " - "the Best film actress played in tv series " - Irina Grineva ("Impostors" tv series, director is Konstantin Khudyakov).
2003 the "Seagull" Premium in a nomination "the Seductive woman" for a leaging role in performance " А. is another one"
2005 BEST AT BEAUTY - the premium showing a sight of modern girls and young women at the tendency of the cosmetic market.
Irina Grineva ( the Image of the year ).
2006 the Winner of the " the Person of year " premium for Masha's role in performance " Three sisters " by D.Donnellan
2007 the "Seagull" premium in a "Smile" nomination , for the best comedy role (the "Ornithology"performance )
2009 the "Golden Lira" for the best role ("Salomeya" performance)

Type of appearance: European. Growth: 170 sm. Weight: 51 kg. Haircolor: blonde. Eyescolor: green. Clothing size: 42. Footwear size: 37. Foreign language: English. Education: the state Yaroslavl theatre, Dramatic Art School.
size: 88-61-90


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